Finding Solutions

Being a hormonal teenager can be hard at the best of times. But when you start to question the choices you’ve made and the new feelings you begin to discover, it becomes near impossible.

How do we really know if we’ve made the right choices? And how, then, do we define right from wrong? I’ve dwelled on these questions for a long time, and come to only one conclusion. If an adult would struggle with these questions, how do we, as teenagers, find the solutions? Are we fighting an unending battle? Or do we just need to search harder for the answers?

Recent events have brought to light my confusions over feelings. I’ve now come to question how we get these feelings, and more importantly, how do we make them go? Life throws you feelings you don’t wish to have because, before they arrived, you thought you had it all. Then the doubt comes, and the questions flood in. That’s when life gets tough, and that’s when you wish all the solutions would be found.

The cross between the love, hate, lust, the longing to be with them and missing them when they’re not around. The jealousy. All such strong words, even more powerful feelings. The instant smile when you think of them. The hours you spend dreaming about them. The days you sit and laugh with them. The feelings that make all of this happen, when you wish it never did.

Or do you? Just because you may think it’s wrong, doesn’t mean you don’t like or enjoy it. It doesn’t make you wrong. Feelings are strong, they mess with your mind, but they’re there for a reason; to tell you something. You may not wish to hear it, but your feelings are what make you who you are, so even if you think they must be wrong, chances are, they’re not.

I wish i had all the solutions. But then, life wasn’t meant to be easy. Feelings come and go, but you’re here for a lifetime. Make the right choices, make the wrong ones. Life is all about learning from mistakes, it just takes time to realise it.

Solution? If only.

“The important thing about a problem is not its solution, but the strength we gain in finding the solution.”




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  1. Jessica Envy · · Reply

    Such an insightful blog, I can’t quite believe you’re a teenager as you say you are. Your mind is developed far beyond your years, and your in-depth thinking may be the solution to everyone’s problems x

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