Identity Theft

Lost in the midst of confusion

That’s what it’s like. You fall in love, you plan your future, and then you change. You lose who you once were as you’re falling head over heels for someone who wants to change you. 9 times out of 10 you’ll continue to love this person, and continue to change. Love is a powerful force, and one which i will never truly understand.

I’ve been falling for a while now, only with good intentions. My partner and I have been happy, on the whole, and we know where we’re going. But it’s here where i realise, i may be forgetting where i came from.

I’m not the person i used to be. I’m a new person now, changed by the force of love and the power which manipulates me into thinking i’m only doing what’s right. And maybe i am. And again I ponder on the thought: how do we know what is right, and what is wrong?

I wouldn’t end what i have, never, because i’ve got all i ever wanted. Or have i? I may not be the same person anymore, but does that matter? Has love changed me for the better? Or should i exit quickly?

There’s so many questions swimming round my head and surfacing just when i think i’ve got some sort of solutions. Turns out i haven’t, and i just have more problems.

Maybe love is meant to be like this, but i wouldn’t know, it’s my first experience, my first time. And if so, maybe love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

“Follow your heart, but don’t forget to take your brain with you.”

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