Outsider to Life

First of all i would like to apologise for the lack of posts in the past few weeks. I would then like to thank you all for getting this blog over 100 views after only being up for such a short time. Please keep the word spreading.

More than scum

Anyone who thinks this is acceptable doesn’t deserve to share the air we breathe…

I would now like to delve into a more serious matter. After asking so many questions about what is right and what is wrong in life and society, I’ve been hit with my fair share of misfortune.

Recently, a sick, pathetic intruder broke into my home and decided it was perfectly fine to rifle through my belongings, steal my possessions and leave me feeling angry, frustrated, fearful and extremely paranoid.

Now I don’t even need to pose a question here. What this sick person did is wrong. Always has been, always will be. I cannot fathom what makes it morally correct and acceptable for someone to be so selfish and intrude not just into someone’s home, but into their head as well.

Ever since this has happened, I’ve been completely different. I get angry at the most stupid things, I’m extremely upset and therefore I do not stop eating (this, however, isn’t so bad…) but possibly worst of all, I’m paranoid. I can’t even go upstairs on my own, let alone be in the house by myself.

Life at the moment seems far away from what it used to be, and only little things and certain people can truly put a smile on my face and make me happy. But it doesn’t make up for much.

I’m not myself anymore.

Why can’t the world just swallow me up? Because right now, i feel like an outsider to life…


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