Taking the World for Granted

So many things have happened over the past few weeks to make me think there really is no point in even trying to put a smile on my face. More and more stupid problems, big and small, have made me probably one of the biggest little shits known to man. But now i want to change that. I don’t want to be in this horrible mood all the time. I hate it.

So from now on, no matter what situation i’m placed in, i’m always going to think ‘it could be worse’. I moan a lot, and i always say ‘i wish’. But what if other people would give their lives just to have a fraction of what i have? What if, actually, i’m extremely lucky and just take the world around me for granted.

I think a lot of people are guilty of this, as everyone always seems to want more. But when you begin to think about those less fortunate than yourself, you realise there’s more to life than what you see of it.

I could wish for materialistic goods, or for a ‘better life’, but what i should really be wishing for, is to become a better person, to be more caring, more considerate, more sympathetic. A lot of people have it much worse than we do, that doesn’t mean we have it perfect, but it means our situation is much more pleasant. 

I thank God that i have all i have, my family, my friends and my health. But people across the world are praying for those simple things we all take for granted each and every day. 

So when you next wish you had FIFA 13 like all your other mates, or when you decide you’ve got the worst life in the world, spare a thought for those who would only dream of having FIFA 13, or would only dream of living in peace and happiness. 

It’s not hard to want more, and it’s easy to wish for the world – but have you ever thought of those who have nothing? Their dreams are your reality.


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