Cloud Nine

Recently I’ve been (hopelessly reaching…) feeling extremely happy, and not only that, but lucky as well. These two feelings are quite rare to me when I’m at home; I’m at my happiest when I’m at school.

To most people, that is utter bull shit. But I guess I’m not ‘most people’. You see, I love school. Love it. Firstly, I have some amazing mates that make every day hilarious beyond belief. Secondly, I don’t really hate any of my lessons. There’s a few, of course, that i am not fond of, but i get by, and they’re all generally okay.

As well as this, I have some brilliant teachers! Take my Science teacher for example: an absolutely hilarious woman who treats us all like adults, AND gets 100% A*-B grades without being a nagging drone like half the other teachers I know! Then there’s my PE teacher…well, I don’t know where to start! Hilarious guy, again treats us all with respect and is damn good at what he does! Same goes for most of my other teachers as well, and I absolutely love it!

It’s one thing having a teacher who knows how to teach and helps your pass exams, it’s a total other thing having a teacher who will treat you like an adult, joke about with you and make you look forward to their lesson! I love it.

I think all of this is probably the reason why I’m so happy at the moment. I’m looking at my life and I’m thinking: you know what, it ain’t half bad. I’m smiling so much more now, and I wouldn’t change that for anything, because I NEVER get tired of being this happy 🙂



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